Pantry Favorites From Amazon – Julia Berolzheimer


This week’s Amazon finds are all about our family favorite pantry finds, like these olive snack packs , these chocolate dipped almonds, and some of our go-to’s for easy weeknight meals like this chickpea protein pasta. We’re big snackers in our family and love finding things that are tasting, healthy, filling and something our whole family enjoys. See below to shop more of our pantry favorites, and stop by our JB Amazon Shop and Amazon Storefront for more finds you won’t want to miss!

Indulge in the luxurious crunch of crunchy sprouted almond butter, a gourmet addition to your pantry that effortlessly combines health and taste in a uniquely fashionable way.

Dive into guilt-free snacking with these grain free tortilla chips, made from wholesome ingredients and bursting with flavor, adding a stylish twist to your pantry.

Elevate family dinners with this flavorful tomato basil pasta sauce, a delectable blend of fresh tomatoes and aromatic basil, infusing your meals with an Italian fashion-forward flair.


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