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Repetition is reputation and is if anyone is bound to consistently push the envelope, it’s certainly Beyoncé who has showed us that she is in fact a style icon with her magnificent stage costumes through out her Renaissance tour.

In a recent photoshoot, Queen B looked comfortable and cozy in a rich opaque green Venus Prototype monochromatic latex ensemble that was vastly different and avant-garde.

Photo Credit: @xvenusprototypex

Looking like the master piece that she is, Beyoncé latex dress had a hidden corset, underwire, and was characterized with a hood and fully gloved details.

It felt like perfect timing to see Bey holding the moon in her photoshoot as there’s a full moon on the rise tomorrow. After all, in ‘Black Parade’ she did say “she charges her crystals in a full moon,” and we’re definitely here for that energy.

Photo Credit: @xvenusprototypex

Iced out in diamonds with a choker necklace and diamond embellished green shades, Beyoncé looked like perfection.

If anyone set the tone this year with her Renaissance World Tour, it was Queen B who came with the incredible vocals, unimaginable stage costumes, and exquisite beauty.

Beyoncé has set the bar high and has exceeded all of our expectations, and we couldn’t be more proud to have such a talented representation of black excellence apart of our culture.

Photo Credit: @xvenusprototypex

Hands down, Beyoncé did her thing!


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