Captain America’s MCU Musical is Now Streaming


You usually go to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a lot of things, but memorable original music isn’t really one of them. But Rogers: The Musicala corny Hamilton-alike that told a very condensed story of Chris Evans’ Captain America—is one of the more successful attempts at musically spicing things up for the films, if only because people seemed to like its brief appearance in the first episode of Hawkeye. It even took off well enough that Disney brought it to its theme parks for the summer—which is why Disney’s now putting the album out on streaming.

Marvel released Rogers’ 12-track album at the start of the weekend, which comes from the most recent performance held at Disney’s California Adventure Park at the Hyperion Theater. Beyond the novelty of being an MCU musical, the album boasts five brand new original songs that were made specifically for the production. Talking to Marvel, composer Christopher Lennertz (who previously scored both seasons of Agent Carter back in the day) called the creation as the new tracks “important…to continue the best of both Avengers and Broadway traditions. The score has memorable melodies and a huge scope of instrumentation that match the iconic presence of our hero.”

At half an hour long, Rogers should be decent background noise to have on while doing something else, particularly with some new songs added into the mix. It may be particularly good for those who didn’t get to see it at Disneyland over the summer, or anyone who wants to use it for a cute gimmick as Halloween rolls around. But will listening to it in one’s car or their living room give you an equal amount of surrealness and cringe at something that’s meant to be intentionally bad on some level? That’ll be up to those who listen to Rogers: The Musical, which is now available on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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