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Some of the most enduring pieces in my closet are my favorite coats. As cooler weather approaches, you’ll find me alternating between my cozier options, and on milder days, I might opt for a versatile puffer, fleece, quilted, or wool/cashmere jacket. If you’re in the market for a daily jacket or a high-quality coat, check out my top picks for fall from MyTheresa below!

Wrap yourself in luxury with this unique and elegant scarf jacket crafted from a rich wool and cashmere blend. This stunning coat is a cozy yet undeniably chic addition to your winter wardrobe.

Elevate your cool weather look with this longline wrap coat in a sophisticated brown hue, exuding timeless elegance for both comfort and style.

This oversized cocoon coat features a draped silhouette and is in classic black, and is a versatile and an open front for a stylish alternative to your traditional outerwear.


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