Heirs of Afrika Hosts its Sixth Annual International Women of Power Lunch featuring Koshie Mills, Loni Love, Yo Yo, Claire Sulmers, and More!


The sixth annual Heirs of Afrika International Women of Power Luncheon was a moment in Black female excellence and style. Black women from Africa to America gathered in Los Angeles to award and recognize their fellow sisters for their contributions and innovations in their respective fields.

Heirs of Afrika, the global multimedia enterprise/movement founded by Ghanian-American Koshie Mills, tapped comedian and talk show host Loni Love as the host while other dynamic attendees included Dr. Constance Ejuma, creative director Erricka Sumatra, actress Osas Ighodaro and so many more empowering women from across the diaspora.

Photo Credit: Heirs of Africa/Photo by Bobby Quillard
Dr. Constance Ejuma
IG Reproduction
Erricka Sumatra
Photo: Michael Rowe
Heirs of Afrika founder Koshie Mills photo with Osas Ighodaro, Kim Roxie and Claire Sulmers
Photo Credit: Heirs of Africa/Photo by Bobby Quillard

Among the many powerful figures in the room was our CEO, Claire Sulmers, who had the honor of presenting model Sonia Barbie Tucker with the Goddess Beauty Award. Her sexy leopard print Fashion Bomb Daily Shop dress was a fun contrast to Tucker’s green Je Suis gown.

It was so uplifting and empowering to see so many women of color gather together in celebration of all the accomplishments that we’ve made. Perhaps it was a testament of the strength, tenacity and legacy that’s undoubtedly embedded in our community.

Photo Credit: Heirs of Africa/Photo by Bobby Quillard

The evening was accompanied by a fitting performance by the legendary Yo-Yo.

It was a fun time!

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