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If you don’t know about Bois Camp , then you’re missing out. As seen on, Kash Doll, the Clermont Twins, Jayda Cheaves, and many more, fashion designer Kevon has made it his duty to create clothing specifically for the ‘It Girls.’

From skirts, custom gowns, swimwear, and so much more, Bois Camp is making their mark on the fashion industry as a custom fashion brand with a mix of vintage, luxury and high sex-appeal.

Born and raised in the inner city of Trenton, New Jersey, Kevon knew since he was young that fashion was his passion. He started his career at the age of 16 while in the 10th grade at VoTec High school where he pursued fashion studies.

His journey followed him throughout college. After graduating with a bachelor’s in fashion marketing management, the 27 year old designer began to plan his own path with the knowledge of fashion that he learned.

Known for some of the most talked about silhouettes such as the “butt cleavage” trend, Kevon is not afraid to take risk and that’s what makes Bois Camp not only special, but stand out amongst other brands.

While some may say his designs are a fad, he continues to reinvent himself, and will only get better with his craft in due time.

Inspired by some of the designers who have pioneered what we see in fashion today, such as Ye, Jean Paul Gaultier, Mowala, and Roberto Cavalli, Kevon is a fan of many of the designers who don’t always follow the rules and do their own thing.

“I love and am inspired by how they continue to get even better as designers,” said Kevon. With high hopes of some day collaborating with, JPG or Mugler, the New Jersey designer believes that this collaboration would be one for the book. “I think we could come together and change the world, one look at a time,” expressed Kevon.

With big dreams including the future of his brand, one thing Kevon is currently doing is releasing collections for the ‘It Girls’ to openly feel sexy and confident.

Using his creative touch Kevon has made Bois Camp a safe space for women to not only walk in confidence in their skin, but express their inner sexy in an unapologetic way and that is exactly what Bois Camp’s last collection showcased.

“My most recent collection released was inspired by the Weekend. Im so unorthodox, so sometimes it’s a deep meaning behind a collection, and sometimes it’s about fun and the art of it all, and I had fun creating all of these pieces,” said Kevon.

It is no surprise that Bois Camp is Kevon’s most greatest possession. With 3 years under his belt, since launching Bois Camp in 2020, the brand has took off and it’s all due to the hard work, dedication, and consistency behind the brand.

“My brand is really my baby, not to sound cliche but my brand is teaching me how to be the best me in any situation,” said Kevon.

In five years, Bois Camp will be the go to brand for people who understand who they are and aren’t afraid to express themselves through clothing.

“In 5 years, Bois Camp will be the go to brand for the people who get it, because they get it and as for me I see myself being a cfda member. We are not letting up,” said Kevon.

In addition to Bois Camp’s five year plan, men might be in luck. The new jersey designer plans to release some men and unisex pieces in the near future. “We will expand to mens and unisex eventually. I just want to create something that makes everyone feel sexy and unapologetically them,” said Kevon.

As a black male in the fashion industry, Kevon’s only advice is to never give up on what you want out of this industry.

“My advice for black male designers is that you got this, and it’s room for all of us!” said Kevon.


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